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PAC Composites

We are renowned for our ability to deliver expert advice and highly specialist solutions for the aerospace, automotive and composites sectors. These solutions include the design, manufacture, and installation of automated machinery, manufacturing systems, and high-spec equipment.

What makes us the provider of choice in the field of composites?
We have a highly skilled workforce and use the very latest technologies, processes, and techniques to provide a full range of custom-designed machines, systems, and processes to meet the exacting standards that are demanded by our customers from the aerospace and composites industries.

Flexibility | Innovation | Ambition
In what is an incredibly fast-paced industry that’s ever-changing, we are a dynamic and cutting-edge company that is always pushing the boundaries of innovation. We constantly invest in R&D – prototyping new products and trialling new techniques and manufacturing processes, and we are always focused on keeping our customers ahead of their competitors – and us ahead of ours.

Contact our team today for more information on our hot drape forming machines, or to discuss your specific requirements with our specialist engineers.

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