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When you choose PAC Composites as your provider of choice, you can be assured that your reticulator will incorporate the best available technology and components. Our reticulation process offers a unique and efficient method of adding adhesive to honeycomb and perforated surfaces.

We operate at the highest of industry standards, invest heavily in R&D, and are customer-focused – we demand the best from our team for our customers.

To ensure even airflow through the heating elements, our fans are speed-controlled using invertors and differential pressure sensors; this not only provides an even air flow at the air knife, but it also assists with providing excellent temperature uniformity right at the point where the adhesive needs to liquify.

Because temperature plays a pivotal role in the functionality of the reticulator, we include a number of temperature-controlled zones, as standard. Each of these zones has two temperature probes – one in the air box and one at the air knife edge, providing a tolerance of +/-5°C.

The pre-heating lamps are infrared to improve efficiency and control, and these are monitored and adjusted on an on-going basis via thyristor stacks, which are controlled by a PID algorithm and temperature probe to ensure optimum consistency.

Finally, the motion of the machine is also tightly controlled via servo motors, complete with encoder feedback, to ensure that the speed and position of the reticulation process are as accurate as possible.

Contact our team today for more information on our reticulators, or to discuss your specific requirements with our specialist engineers.

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