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Resin Transfer Infusion / Injection

Resin Transfer Infusion / Injection Northern Ireland

PAC Composites have successfully delivered several resin transfer/resin infusion systems for a wide range of clients from right across the manufacturing industry.

Resin transfer injection or resin transfer infusion (RTI) systems are used for composite moulding processes, with steel, aluminium, or composite tools. Reinforcement is placed in the tool and resin is then injected and/or infused.

Our team have strong process knowledge and a history of technical innovation. Our RTI systems are designed in a modular way to allow the same patented controls to be applied to single-line or multi-line equipment. This ensures that any further upgrades required can be easily implemented.

Our standard cells include automated resin transfer from storage barrel to heating pot, the ability to salvage any surplus resin, provide NADCAP process traceability, and deliver flexible recipe management.

Two of our complex systems are currently being used for the Airbus A220 wings, in conjunction with the autoclave. We have also developed an out-of-autoclave process, which is unique in that it does not require a mould-press. This technology offers reduced cycle times and running costs, which in turn reduces capital expenditure significantly.

Contact our team today for further information on composite resin transfer infusion and discuss your specific requirements with our specialist engineers.

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