We’re Shortlisted! Made In Northern Ireland Awards

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted in the Made in Northern Ireland Awards for the Digital Engineering/Technology category!

The award recognises the company that has best used or developed software, technology, or technical processes to solve problems or add value for customers. Our award entry focused on our Preformer and Automation technology, which is developed, designed, and installed by PAC Composites and PAC Automation.

PAC Group Marketing & Organisational Development Manager, Rachel Doherty, said:

“In today’s dynamic and fast-paced business environment, innovation is recognised as a key driver of business growth and a creator of competitive advantage. This is why one of our six key values is ‘Innovation Is Key’. This mindset is the lifeblood of PAC, with continuous innovation being seen especially in our Composites and Automation divisions.”

Specialising in aerospace, automotive, marine, and composites applications, our Preformers and Hot Drape Formers are an innovative solution that deliver significant commercial benefits for our customers, including Bombardier Aerospace, the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Sheffield, McLaren Automotive, and Spirit AeroSystems in Prestwick.

PAC Group’s Preformers can be used to produce a range of high-quality composite parts and components in an energy and time-efficient way in comparison to traditional autoclave techniques. Composite fibre, such as carbon fibre, is commonly used in the aerospace and automotive industries due to its stiffness and strength to weight ratio.

PAC Composites have developed a unique Preformer that can be customised and created bespoke for each client and their individual needs. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including hot drape forming, out-of-autoclave composite curing, honeycomb bonding, compression moulding, thermoplastic and thermoset composites, and more.

PAC Group’s unique technology includes flexible zoning, SMART Software, a fully bespoke mechanical design, and patented technology, with PAC holding 42 patents on the Preformer hardware and software.

Rachel continues:

“As a cutting-edge company that is always pushing the boundaries of innovation, PAC constantly invest in R&D – prototyping new products and trialling new techniques and manufacturing processes in partnership with our clients. Our goal is to keep our customers ahead of their competitors. We are currently prototyping new equipment to make our Preformer technology available on a smaller scale, and to a wider and much more diverse market.”

In addition to our composites expertise, PAC Automation work with some of the world’s leading companies in areas such as robotics, instrumentation, process automation and control. This includes designing, building, and integrating highly innovative machinery and equipment into bespoke processes and systems to help customers achieve production efficiencies, increased output, and ultimately increased profits.

PAC Automation are currently working with an international manufacturer based in Northern Ireland on the design and integration of a range of robots and cobots into their manufacturing processes. The client’s head office is based in the US. They had approached a range of American automation companies who had advised that it was not possible to create a machine capable of carrying out the desired process due to the micro nature of the component. PAC love a challenge, and are currently in the process of commissioning the customer’s first ‘pick and place’ SCARA robot that will reduce production time for a single process from eight hours per cycle to three hours per cycle.

Business Development Director, Darren Leslie, said:

“PAC Group established itself as a force to be reckoned with in industry. We have big dreams and ambitions for the future – we’ve barely even scratched the surface of what we are capable of. We are a highly driven and innovative team and we want to be recognised as a market leader for our engineering applications and solutions – not just in Northern Ireland but across the UK and Ireland, and beyond.”

For more information on our Composites and Automation capabilities, or to arrange a free consultation, get in touch on 02893 364600, or email info@pacgroup.co.uk.

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