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Water Treatment Filter Media Upgrades

Water Treatment Filter Media Upgrades Northern Ireland

At PAC Enviro, we are leading the way in modernising existing water treatment works to improve their filtering processes.

We design and construct filter trial units to test the suitability for the local water supply to determine the correct grade of Activated Filter Media (AFM®) to replace sand filter media that has been traditionally used by utility providers.

Once the suitability is confirmed a full-scale feasibility study is carried out, this identifies existing infrastructure in place and identifies what changes need to be implemented to get the best performance out of the new AFM®. AFM® has a number of benefits over traditional sand media.

● Surface area of the media is increased 300 times, allowing better filtration while preventing “channelling” from occurring and allowing organics to grow and heavy metals from passing through the sand.

● The AFM® does not require air scouring, reducing the energy consumption costs.

● In conjunction with specialist instrumentation which measures both the media expansion and the turbidity of the effluent, we can dramatically reduce backwash times delivering additional cost savings.

● AFM® media is fully recyclable.

Once these studies have been carried out, our team puts together a design package, outlining any modifications required in order to accommodate the new AFM®.

Once the design package is completed and accepted, PAC Enviro manufactures and instals a new lateral system including KSH nozzles to ensure maximum efficiency and performance and if required we can replace any ancillary equipment such as pumps, pipework and monitoring equipment.

This allows us to create the best tailored solution and the most efficient filtration possible at each particular site.

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