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Mobile Process Pilot Plants Northern Ireland

PAC Enviro design and install Modular Pilot Plant systems which are deployed to existing water/waste water processes as a stand-alone side stream to ensure there is no impact to the existing process. The purpose is to test new technologies / methods and philosophies and to determine best practices for treatment and how we can achieve the best water quality while reducing carbon foot print and maximising efficiencies.

Each pilot system is unique and acts as a miniature plant to mirror the existing process enabling us to identify a smarter control system and to better understand how the current processes operate, in addition other process applications are used via injection and other various methods of filtration again to simulate alternatives that are new and existing for water treatment, this means we can identify how best to design for future development while fulfilling our customer’s specific needs on power usage and water quality.

The Pilot Plant process optimisation units have a distinct advantage due to the mobile nature of the systems installed and are easily moved from site to site with minimal disruption for the client.

PAC Enviro design, build and supply a number of Mobile Treatment Plant treatment variants including;


● O2

● O3

● UV

● CO2

● Lime

● Coagulation

Gathering raw data and process charts forms the final report to give the client a better understanding on how to make the right decision for them and their processes and also to help identify any future capital investment to be spent on the process element that works best in that area given any restraints stated by the client. The data collected remains under the the sole ownership of the client and is not be shared with any other third party, ensuring the knowledge gained is the latest available and the clients Intellectual Property (IP) remains confidential.

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