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Chemical Dosing Systems & Washwater Booster Sets

Chemical Dosing Systems & Washwater Booster Sets Northern Ireland

PAC Enviro offers unique modular chemical dosing solutions built at our manufacturing facility in Belfast which are fully tested and commissioned prior to dispatch. We also design and build WRAS-approved washwater booster set supported by Xylem pumps.

Chemical Dosing Systems

Our engineered products differ from standard kiosk-based dosing solutions, as they are designed to meet the requirements for the full range of chemicals and are fully scalable to meet the requirements of each application.

Our smart dosing control systems are:

● designed to allow the end user to select the type and size of dosing system required via the local control panel HMI thus removing the requirement for on-site modifications to the PLC/HMI control system.

● completely modular, allowing for each part of the system to be plug and play including the chemical fill point, multiple storage tank options, duty/standby dosing skid options, control systems, emergency washing facilities and any other client specific requirement such as washwater/hose reel booster sets.

● designed to be easily integrated into the clients existing telemetry/SCADA/PLC control system via the clients preferred communications protocol.

Washwater Booster Sets

We have developed a product that gives easy access to the booster set equipment ensuring our systems are leading the way in innovation by removing issues found with traditional washwater booster sets available on the market.

Available in a range of sizes with integrated storage tanks from 350 litres up to 1000 litres. Our in-house mechanical and electrical engineers have designed a new and unique design to give the client easy access to all of the internal mechanical components using a retractable skid mounted within the kiosk shell which can be easily retracted by one person to perform general maintenance activities when removing pumps, instruments or pressure vessels for periodic inspection and maintenance.

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