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As a leading supplier of electrical services to companies across the manufacturing and industrial sectors, we are recognised experts in the compliance of electrical installations in hazardous areas, as required by ATEX.

Our ATEX trained and experienced Electricians provide ATEX inspection and testing, installation, and maintenance services for companies that produce explosive, or potentially explosive, atmospheres. This could be caused by flammable gases, mists, vapours, or dusts.

ATEX 137 (ATEX Workplace Directive) and ATEX 95 (ATEX Equipment Directive) are Directives issued and implemented under legislation to ensure a consistent standard is applied in relation to explosive gases and atmospheres. Key ATEX services we offer include:


A member of our team will visit your site to assess your current management and maintenance systems. We will then advise if you are compliant and steps to take to remain compliant, or if you are not compliant, we will provide advice and recommendations so you can become compliant.


This includes the design, build, and installation of suitable electrical, instrumentation, and control systems.

  • Installation of electrical equipment by our CompEx qualified engineers.
  • ATEX inspection and testing carried out by fully CompEx qualified technicians.

If you require specialist electrical support to ensure that equipment installed within hazardous areas is correctly specified, fully maintained, and 100% compliant with the ATEX Regulations, talk to one of our team today. We’re happy to help, whatever the project.

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