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Calibrating and servicing your gas monitors and detectors regularly is critical when it comes to ensuring that your units comply with all relevant legislation and regulations.

Portable System Service

Manufacturers recommend that gas monitors are calibrated every six months, to ensure the integrity of the sensors and confirm that the personal gas detector will alarm in the event of toxic or flammable gas exposure, or oxygen depletion/enrichment.

Our Gas Detection Engineers are manufacturer-trained in the calibration and service of portable gas detectors by our chosen suppliers, Honeywell, BW, and Crowcon.

During a gas monitor service and calibration visit, our Gas Detection Engineers will visually inspect the equipment and apply certified test gases to the sensors. Adjustments will be made to improve accuracy and account for any drift to the sensors since the last calibration. In addition, if during inspection we find any errors or sensor replacement requirements, we will always contact you with a full quotation of costs before carrying out any works.

Fixed System Service

We offer a wide range of service contracts for your fixed gas detection system; whether this is an existing system or a new system that was recently installed. We have the expertise and experience that is required to provide regular and reliable servicing to keep your system, your business, and your people safe at all times.

Fixed gas detection systems require essential calibration and service. This not only ensures that the readings are accurate and reliable, but also ensures that in the event of an exposure to gases, the system will activate the required alarms and trigger relevant beacons and sounders.

Most manufacturers of fixed systems recommend that they are serviced and calibrated at least every six months, although in some cases this may need to be more frequent dependant on the environment and critical processes.

To discuss your specific portable gas detection and gas calibration requirements, talk to one of our team today. With PAC Gas Detection, you're in safe hands.

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