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Ensuring your business meets its statutory compliance obligations may seem complicated, full of paperwork and legal jargon, and overwhelming to manage. However, it is a legal necessity for businesses, and it helps to keep your company, staff, and customers safe.

Compliance Maintenance is a service provided by PAC FM to help ensure your facilities and equipment are compliant with relevant statutory and regulatory obligations. Failure to comply with these obligations can result in negative press, fines, and even prosecution.


  • We provide a thorough Compliance Maintenance Plan, from one point of contact, that covers a wide range of systems, so you have peace of mind.
  • Maintenance is carried out according to a pre-determined schedule, which means deadlines for tests and inspections won’t be missed, keeping you organised.
  • Regular maintenance of systems will flag any potential problems early, which means repairs and replacement can be scheduled at a time that suits your business.
  • Outsourcing compliance maintenance to PAC FM means our highly skilled and professional tradespeople carry out your maintenance tasks and inspections safely and securely.

PAC Facilities Management provide a range of Compliance Maintenance services, which can be provided as a bespoke package depending on your needs, including:


Legislation stipulates electrical systems must be maintained to prevent danger and risk of harm, with regular inspection and testing required to ensure systems are operationally safe. PAC FM are qualified and competent in carrying out electrical testing of fixed systems (an Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR), as well as portable appliance testing (PAT).


Ensuring your business conforms to fire safety legislation is essential. All aspects of fire safety should be managed by a ‘responsible person’, who must ensure suitable Fire Risk Assessments are carried out, and that all fire safety systems and equipment are inspected and checked regularly. PAC FM can carry out Fire Risk Assessments, staff fire safety training, and inspect all fire safety equipment on a regular schedule.


Gas systems must be checked regularly (at least annually) to ensure they are safe to use. This includes safe installation, servicing, inspection, and certification for gas systems and equipment, which must be carried out by registered Gas-Safe Engineers. These services can be carried out as part of a PAC FM Compliance Maintenance Plan. We also offer gas equipment and sensor calibration, Energy Surveys, and Efficiency Assessments.


Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal type of pneumonia, which is contracted by inhaling water droplets containing Legionella bacteria. The bacteria are commonly found in water, especially stagnant water, and grow in temperatures of between 20-45°C. Where required, businesses must conduct a suitable Legionella Risk Assessment and carry out frequent testing of water systems to ensure Legionella bacteria are not present. Relevant compliance services offered by PAC FM include: Legionella Risk Assessments and UKAS Approved Microbiological Sampling, as well as tank refurbishment or replacement, if needed.


Asbestos was a common building material used in a wide range of products such as ceiling and floor tiles, lagging, textured coatings, roof felt, sprayed and textured coatings, and insulating board. Its use has been banned since 1999 as it is a highly toxic substance known to cause Asbestosis and lung cancers when particles and fibres are inhaled. Building owners and/or those responsible for the maintenance of non-domestic premises have a duty to manage any asbestos that may be present, and to use licensed professionals when removing asbestos containing products. PAC FM provide Asbestos Risk Assessments and asbestos removal through our trusted and approved suppliers.


Air conditioning systems must have energy inspections carried out at intervals of no more than five years. In addition, F-Gas regulations require inspection and certification at specified intervals based on the weight and number of units (every 12, 6, or 3 months) by an approved inspector. PAC FM offer full AC servicing and installation.

Let PAC FM help take the pressure off running your business by providing a managed Compliance Maintenance Schedule. To discuss our services in more detail, contact us or email

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