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Our team of experienced calibration engineers provide UKAS traceable calibration on the full range of thermocouple (Type K, Type J, Type E, Type T, Type R, Type S, etc.), PT100, and thermistor probes, as well as pyrometers and sensors.

This can be either a full-loop test using our UKAS calibrated Heatwells, or an electrical injection test using our UKAS calibrated sources.

The PAC Calibration team offers:

  • Certified calibration to the traceable standards you require (National or UKAS).
  • Support for a huge range of temperature sensing devices from many manufacturers. Contact us with your spec to find out more.
  • ISO 9001 quality processes to fit your corporate quality requirements.
  • Detailed documentation you can use in your audits.
  • A helpful team of highly skilled and experienced technicians.
  • Fast turnaround that won’t hold up your operations.

Your instruments will be added to our online calibration portal, Eurotherm Online Services (EOS), ensuring audits are easy for both you and your auditor. Each instrument will be have a calibration sticker with a unique QR code that will display the associated calibration certificate on a smart device, on demand.

To discuss your specific calibration needs, talk to one of our team today: we’re here to help, whatever your project.

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