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06 Nov 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Reticulators

Our reticulation process offers a unique and efficient method of adding adhesive to honeycomb and perforated surfaces.

How do our composite reticulators work?

To ensure even airflow through the heating elements, the fans are speed controlled using invertors and differential pressure sensors; this not only provides an even air flow at the air knife, but it also assists with providing excellent temperature uniformity right at the point where the adhesive needs to liquefy.

Also, because of the importance of the role of temperature in the functionality of the reticulator, each one is designed with a number of temperature control zones as standard; each of these zones has two temperature probes, one in the air box and one at the air knife edge, providing a tolerance of +/-5 degrees Celsius.

The pre-heating lamps are infra-red to improve efficiency and control; these are monitored and adjusted on an ongoing basis via thyristor stacks; these are controlled by a PID algorithm and temperature probe to ensure optimum consistency.

Finally, the motion of the machine is also tightly controlled; this is done via servo motors complete with encoder feedback, to ensure that the speed and position of the reticulation process are as accurate as possible.

We offer a range of different options on our machines, including the following:

TUS Pack

To aid Quality Engineers in Thermal Uniformity Surveying, we offer unique options to simplify and accelerate the process. The standard option is a specially manufactured thermocouple holder which mounts directly onto the machine. This ensures consistency in the location of TUS probes from test to test.

The advanced TUS option also includes a pre-programmed Eurotherm 6100 recorder; this links to the machine software, and with just one click from the Quality Engineer, adjusts the temperature set-points to conform with the TUS standards.

Over-Temperature Protection

To comply with NADCAP requirements, an independent over-temperature protection option is available

Machine Size

PAC Composites can manufacture machines of various sizes to suit your specific application and manufacturing objectives.

Please note: More details on this can be provided after an initial exploratory consultation, during which we will find out more about your machine requirements, in terms of the need you’re looking to address.

Hood Adjustment

Two hood options are available, manual or automatic hood adjustment. However, while manual-adjust suits applications where the temperature control on the pre-heater lamps will be sufficient to regulate the pre-heat temperature, a servo-controlled hood is recommended for applications where pre-heat is critical to the process.

Maintenance Pack

Because any machine is only delivering value for money when it’s fully operational and working to maximum capacity, it’s important that you not only build the right machine to address your particular manufacturing need but that you also receive the right training and maintenance support to ensure maximum operational returns.

Control Panel Location

For convenience, we normally locate all the advanced hardware in a bespoke master control panel located away from the moving parts of the machine. By doing this, we reduce downtime and simplify maintenance and machine servicing by allowing easy access to the machine components.

Operator Interface

The standard operator interface is a 12” colour touch-screen that supports configuration, storage, and retrieval of recipes. The data logging is performed by a graphic recorder, and all records are readily accessible through the recorder touchscreen, and either exported as a file document or downloaded to USB.

An even more advanced option is the Computer Controlled SCADA system, which offers the following advantages:

  • Unlimited recipes
  • Interface to corporate network allowing for remote report viewing
  • Barcode interface to allow part booking on machine
  • Interface with part-tracking system to automatically book jobs off when complete
  • Interface with data records to allow viewing without USB download

Talk to one of our team today for more information on how PAC Composites can help you reduce process cycle time, increase production, and increase component quality.

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