Cost Effective Temperature Measuring Systems

We provide cost-effective temperature monitoring systems. Designed to protect your employees, visitors, and business operations.

We all know the public health guidance in relation to social distancing, hand washing and sanitising, and self isolation should we develop symptoms of Coronavirus.

But there are also a range of other measures that can be introduced to act as an extra line of defence and provide an additional layer of protection in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

One of the solutions available from PAC Group are Temperature Measurement Systems.

All of our Temperature Measurement Systems are contactless, ranging in price from £1495+VAT to approximately £6000+VAT.

Systems can be as cost-effective and simple to install as a “plug and play” freestanding unit at points of entry, which measures temperature at the wrist with a tolerance of +/- .3°C, such as the unit below:

This system, called Olix, is priced at £1495 + VAT and is popular with businesses and organisations in the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors, as well as public buildings, office spaces, and factories.

More complex systems are available that can integrate with door access systems, measure the temperatures of multiple individuals at once, or integrate with HR Management Software for clocking in and out – trending employee temperature data over time to identify variances.

Lockdown measures are being eased across Northern Ireland, as we attempt to return to some form of normality. However, temporary restrictive measures are being reintroduced where COVID clusters develop or when the R rate increases.

Based on current information, it seems the virus will be with us for some time. So it is important that we take steps to ensure the health and safety of our communities, that our businesses can remain open, our economy protected, and that our young people can safely return to education.

For more information on temperature measurement systems available, contact us on 02893 364600, or email

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