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Industrial ICA Installation – Feed Manufacturing Plant

21 Nov 2022

United Feeds Case Study 3


PAC Enviro were tasked with completing all ICA related control elements of a newly installed Bucket Elevator, situated within the heart of the state-of-the-art United Feeds manufacturing plant located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Our client required a fully automated protective solution to a previously manually controlled system that was in excess of 20 years old. This project was restricted to a tight time constraint to ensure continuity of production.

The newly installed Bucket Elevator stands over 20 metres in height, spanning across all 4 floors of the production feed mill facility. The solution was to ensure the new Bucket Elevator was fully automated with new instrumentation being fitted to protect it against critical failure.


PAC Enviro engineers delivered a solution which put in place preventative measures to mitigate against costly unwanted machinery downtime, minimising the risk of explosion within a potentially hazardous application and furthermore maximising the efficiency and throughput of the system.

This included elevator misalignment detection to avoid internal elevator belt damage, bearing temperature monitoring to avoid the potential for overheated bearing dust explosions, elevator speed control to determine under speed and/or varying secondary conveyor stop conditions through to flameless venting in order to prevent the risk of released flames and/or product which is typically expelled during an explosion.

The status of all electronic components is monitored via a local central monitoring system before being relayed back to the main plant PLC control and SCADA system.

It was critical that the electrical installation containment method did not interfere with the elevator’s access compartments and was to be installed in such a way not to alter the integrity of the elevator, with each section remaining easily removable.


PAC Enviro worked seamlessly alongside the client’s Maintenance Manager ensuring coordination between various personnel on site. A full RAMS package was provided ensuring minimal disruption to the client’s production downtime, whilst ensuring safety on site as our number one priority.

The end result provided our client with a robust and efficient solution. Upon completion our client was provided with an installation documentation suite, ranging from Electrical Installation Schedules through to Testing Certification, providing full traceability for the works completed.

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