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4kW Domestic Solar PV Installation

4kW Domestic Solar PV Installation Northern Ireland


Homeowner Gordon Keen wanted to find a way to reduce the cost of his electricity supply following a series of price hikes whilst committing to green energy.

Whilst discussing the possible installation of solar PV with a PAC Group expert in renewable energy, Gordon also wanted to create more energy security at his home.

Over a number of years the property had experienced outages due to weather conditions and other external factors. A Solar PV installation would ensure Gordon and his family had a constant supply regardless of issues at the main grid.

“To be able to commit to doing our part for climate change, generate our own electricity, reduce our carbon footprint, lower our electricity bills and create a secure electricity supply made getting solar PV installed a good investment” said Gordon.


Following a free site analysis and estimate Gordon purchased a system that was not only right for his property but fitted his requirements. He was then given free design and system yield calculation before installers were dispatched to set up his new system.

Gordon had 4kW of solar panels installed. This equated to 10 x 400 watt Trina solar panels. His installation also included a 3.6kW Solis inverter, roof hook and rail system

“I knew of PAC Group and their reputation as a reliable company who were experts in their field so it gave me confidence in what they were advising and an assurance that the installation project would go to plan” explained Gordon.

For Gordon one of the stand out elements of his installation was the lack of disruption to his family.

“You would have hardly known the guys were there installing the panels, they were very quick. I told them we were very happy. Then the rest of the kit was delivered and everything was done and dusted for 3pm the next day” he added.


With little disruption to his life Gordon is now able to have more control over his electricity supply.

“I am very happy with the solar installation by PAC Group. I am not only generating my own electricity but I can already see a difference in the electricity bills. I can monitor it on a daily basis from an app on my phone and keep up to date with how my panels are performing and what energy I am generating” said Gordon.

“What I don’t understand is why all new housing developments aren’t having solar panels installed. I don’t understand the logic of it. If the government wants people to embrace solar then they need to make it a requirement for new builds.”

Brian Alexander, PAC Group Renewables Business Development Manager, said Gordon is a typical domestic customer who had a number of goals including reducing his electricity costs, lowering his carbon footprint and creating a more stable electricity supply.

“When it comes to investing in solar energy it is important to look at all the benefits. For example, from the ability to increase your home’s EPC value and generate your own electricity supply to committing to green energy.”

Find out how you can embrace solar energy in your home by contacting one of the PAC team today on 02893 364600 or email

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