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12kw Commercial Solar PV Installation

12kw Commercial Solar PV Installation Northern Ireland


In order to show clients and customers our commitment to green energy at PAC Group and to have a fully transparent case study that shows customers real-time savings of Solar PV, we undertook to install our own system at our headquarters in Dargan Crescent, Belfast.

Our roof is south facing meaning we were able to take advantage of maximum energy consumption from the sun.

Brian Alexander, Renewables Business Development Manager, explained: “Showing our customers that we’re committed to the climate change agenda is important to PAC Group.

“Generating our own solar power reduces our carbon footprint as a company.

“We then further supported that commitment with the installation of a battery storage system that allows us to store excess energy generated during the day.

“In general overall savings for the year PAC have saved approximately £3,200 which is about 30% of our previous expenditure. However, this is based on the previous bill being analysed before the recent price hikes therefore now likely representing a 35% saving in comparison to current rates.”


At PAC our inhouse design team worked with management to design a system in line with NIE guidelines for a commercial system. We offer a complete end to end service including the ordering of materials, planning the roofing elements and electrical labour to complete the project

The installation had a six week lead in time from the ordering of panels to the complete supply, installation and commission.

Our 12kw system represents x30 400w panels which were installed by a team of two roofing contractors and two electricians over the period of one day.

Once installed a NICEIC approved electrician will check the system and once approved will sign off for commissioning and switch on.

The 12kw PV system was installed complete with a 10kw hybrid inverter and a master and slave 11kw battery storage system. This allows us to store excess energy being produced when the system is operating at optimum, giving us the ability to draw from the battery at times when the system is not receiving enough input.


In 2021/2022 PAC’s electricity expenditure was around £8,500 per year. This would have risen to an estimated £9,500 under the new tariffs announced in mid-2022. By installing this system in our own building we have saved over £3,200 (based on 2021/2022 prices) or around £5,000 (based on 2022/2023 prices).

We would estimate the system will recoup its costs within three to four years representing a robust investment for the long term energy needs of the company.

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